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Todd Riffel: Vocals / Guitar / keyboards / programming
June Kato: Bass / Melody Guitar / Noise / programming
The band SlowFade was formed in 2007 in Santa Monica California. The band members consist of Todd Riffel and June Kato. While many bands have numerous members to play the musical components of a song, the uniqueness of this band is both band members are song writers and they are able to play all the instruments. Question: How was the name SlowFade determined? Answer: By brainstorming and using the Internet we discovered the word SlowFade. The word connotes one's gradual transition from one state of mind to another, as opposed to a shocking revelation. We try to paint a cohesive picture of what we want to say not just from collection of words or musical notes, but from how the words' meaning intertwine with the musical movement, emotionally and intellectually, in a rather impressionistic way rather than in an expressionistic way. Question: Your music has a variety of rock melodies along with ballads. How would you describe your music? Answer: There is a strong influence from bands, such as Nirvana, Tool, Failure, Depeche Mode, New Order and Deftones. They have influenced the writing of our songs, and we owe a lot to these bands, really. Question: Why would someone want to listen to your music? Answer: Our music is great music to inspire one to get fired up, and hopefully get a lot of joy out of. The music is creative, unique, and we have put our heart and soul in it.

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